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Rui Zink

The importance of the printing industry is paramount.  At the end of a motion picture there are credits, where the names of all people who worked in the film come up.  We know about Steven Spielberg but then there are many, many people who worked in the film. It is regrettable that, for questions of space, we don't have those credits in a book.  The book is always signed by the author who is, for questions of marketing and image, the front man, and who has his name in big letters;
by the publisher, who is responsible, as a whole, for the production of that book.  It is also signed by the production and the company that makes it.  A book is a marvellous object that lasts throughout time and space. It is still the best way to share ideas. It is in that line of reasoning that I think this work is fundamental and I am pleasantly surprised at Norprint.
Actually, one hears the truth about someone when they are not present and in conversation with a collaborator of yours, he paid an extremely good compliment to the excellency at Norprint, with no exception of anybody at the company.
Many congratulations! - to the excellency at Norprint.
Thank you my friend

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