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The history of a company, more than an ongoing succession of facts, always has a conducting wire that gives an understanding of its evolution and an explanation of its market position.

Norprint is no exception to the rule.  Therefore, its history, which reflects innovation at various levels - productive, commercial, environmental and social - is the result of safe ventures in quality, professional and human valuing of all collaborators, and in promoting technical innovation and management tools.
Four professionals decided to go ahead with a new graphic project in 1992.  Two offices in Oporto were the starting point of the activity, which later started being carried out, as it is nowadays, at a production facility in Santo Tirso.
By venturing its project in books, the company quickly conquered its place in the sector and it is considered a graphic industry of reference.
Extending the Santo Tirso facilities, certifying the Quality Management System and modernizing the equipment assets are but some aspects of a development strategy which has only one goal: Quality.

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